Panama hat


Timeless and classic are the best two words that describe Panama hat. Beige grosgrain trim embellished with the brend gold logo enhances the vibe.

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  • Estimated time for making hats is around 4-6 working days. We do not accept return because every piece is custom made so please follow the instructions in size guide.
  • Please note that the real color could be in colder tones and sometimes little lighter than in the photos because the lighting used to take pictures can slightly modify the colors. Also the color of the logo can vary.

Product care

To maintain the shape, hold a hat by its crown rather than by its edges.
If the hat gets wet, allow it to dry upside down on a flat surface. Avoid dirty or greasy hands coming into contact with the hat. To dust the felt hat,use a soft brush that matches the color of your hat. Store it upside down inside the original box in a cool,dry place.

We recommend hand wash in mild soap with lukewarm water. Washed product just squeeze without twisting and lay down on dry towel on a flat surface.

Size guide

In order to know your size, you have to measure your head circumference with tailoring meter around the widest part of your head. If your measurement falls between two sizes we strongly recommend that you choose the next largest size. For instance: if your measure is 56.5 cm choose size 57